August ACA Winners Announced!!!!

Participate in the ACA monthly photo contest and get recognition! Everybody is invited

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August ACA Winners Announced!!!!

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Congrats to all our winners!! Please pm me with your mailing addresses- Mo would be glad to comment if anyone has any questions!
Winners of the ACA August photo contest
Winners of the ACA August photo contest

Comments from Judges:
irst Place - miguelgr7<memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=27317>

Great action shot. All other elements are there. Crisp…level, colors etc.

Second Place CarlT54
Another good shot. Great composition. All tech elements there.


Third Place – rluna

Composition slightly off….but overall technically perfect. Cropping could have been better.

Honorable mention - Brittani Pittman

I liked this shot a lot….great capture. Couldn’t get by the excess color saturation and levels. Toned down it would have placed in top three.

Honorable mention – rluna

If Depth of Field was better, it would have placed higher.
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Re: August ACA Winners Announced!!!!

Post by Aquamojo »

Great photos folks. Overall some very nice submissions. If I have one overall suggestion, consider your cropping. A few of the images would have been better if cropped either a little looser...or some tighter. Happy to share any other comments for those who inquire.
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Re: August ACA Winners Announced!!!!

Post by Rluna »

Awesomeness! Congrats to all winners! The competition is getting stiffer. Love to see all of these amazing fish in such great captures.
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Re: August ACA Winners Announced!!!!

Post by brittani.pittman »

Hey thanks!!! I'm not at all a photographer. Took these on my iPhone! The sunlight was hitting through the window just right on the tank, and made colors a little odd. Thanks for the advise! Love looking at everyone's photos! They are always so impressive! Great job guys!!!
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