Handsome Rewards as 2016 comes to an end

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Handsome Rewards as 2016 comes to an end

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There are only 3 days left until the 2016 ACA photo contest is over! There are some huge prizes on the line including the Segrest Farms Challenge where the person with the most points (based on point system) will win... Drum roll please!!! A box of cichlids delivered to your door and a tank setup!! All you have to do is pick if you want Old or New World cichlids!! I list of the points and where everyone is at is included here. Currently Carl Olszewski is leading followed closely by Robert Luna, Conway L Stevens . Thanks to Shelby Bush and Sandy Moore for making this possible. If that wasn't enough our friends at Super Cichlids- Lisa Hoeber and Martin Hoeber are sponsoring the Mo Devlin favorite photo contest. Head judge Mo Devlin will pick his favorite photo of the entire year,and Super Cichlids will give Mo's pick a 100.00 gift certificate to purchase any of their fine products!!! This means if you didn't enter a photo all year, you can enter one today and possibly win! All it takes is one photo! Thanks again to our sponsors Segrest Farms and Super Cichlids for supporting our ACA photo contest! Now get those photos in before its too late! Once the clock strikes midnight and the New Year begins, the contest will be closed!

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