filter for 38gal?

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filter for 38gal?

Post by ignantmike »

hi, I have a 38gal tank and plan on putting in some yellow labs and rock work......what filter would you recommend?.....thank's
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Re: filter for 38gal?

Post by merc65comet202 »

im a huge fan of Marineland Emperor 400 filters, I run them on all my 29 gallon tanks, im also a huge fan of over-filtration,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as far as im concerned you cant over filtrate. I think its also easier on the eco-environment when running a filter that is larger than needed, providing your not over-killing with too much current for the size of the tank. It also makes it easier on the filter, to keep ahead of debris, and your filters will last longer between cleanings and last longer over all. Good Luck!
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