Sump and pump idea - need help

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Sump and pump idea - need help

Post by ayeo77 »

Am considering the following:

3 foot tank underneath my new 8x3 tank (1500 litres) containing a eheim pump to bring water in form large tank to small, via filtration, and then another pump to take water back from sump to large tank.

Would this work? Will there be issues with height or distance or water-flow?

If it wouldn't I will simply run filtration behind a 3D background.
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Re: Sump and pump idea - need help

Post by heavyhitter »

I'm not sure I understand your question and setup exactly. You do not want to have a pump delivering water to your sump. That can cause flooding, you want an overflow to deliver water to the sump and your pump or pumps going only one way, and that is from the sump to the display tank.
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Re: Sump and pump idea - need help

Post by Bas Pels »

Using a pump to deliver water into the sump and anotehr to get is back into the tank will be a very bad idea.

Because the pumps are not exactly identical. Assume 1 to pump 1000 liters - and the other to be its 0,1 % exact copy (0,1 % is virtually impossible. Than it will pumt 1 liter less or more an hour.

That is, a 100 liter sump will be empty in 100 hours or 4 days. If the sumps gets too full, it will have overflowed far earlier.

Therefore the sump is to be placed below the tank - filling it with gravity, of above it, emptying is by gravity - in both cases using an overflow system. An overflow will adapt to the waterlevel, preventing fload
Anne Thynne
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Re: Sump and pump idea - need help

Post by Anne Thynne »

Here is a detailed guide with step by step to create a freshwater sump filter. What should be the sump size, pump capacity, pipe dimension, design everything you need to know. Take a look -
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Re: Sump and pump idea - need help

Post by smitty »

Thanks for posting link.
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