What filter do i use?

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What filter do i use?

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I have an overcrowded thirty inch aquarium :( and what makes it worse is that my only sufficient filter broke (a cruddy Top fin power filter from petsmart it broke down while i was changing the substrate from gravel to sand) it has lasted about four months and i am no longer in the united states. there are no good filters down here. fortunately some good freinds of ours are coming for a year hopefully in less then ten days, and i think i will ask them to bring a filter down that will hopefully last for two years i am not sure which brand would be best though. i had a 20G Eheim liberty power filter since ive heard the brand was good any suggestions within 35$? for now i am keeping them in a 20 inch nine gallon since i have a air pump for it Any suggestions? or warnings? im planing on getting a larger aquarium in the future and also selling two large Leporinus's. thanks for any suggestions
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