120 filtration help

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120 filtration help

Post by stomper160 »

Ok, I have a 120 up and running. No major problems, but I'm just not satisfied with my filtration setup. Currently, I am currently running a Tetra Tec 500. The thing is noisy, the water flow is uneven and simply seems like a piece of junk. Has anyone else used this filter? What kind of filtration should I be running on this size tank? Anyone have any better options I should change too? I only keep three 8 inch cichlids in the tank with a few silver dollars. Thanks.
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Re: 120 filtration help

Post by smitty »

Well if finances is not much of a problem. Get an Eheim 2250 or 2260 preferably the 2260. Otherwise get a couple Aqua-clear 110 (formerly 500) to hang on back but keep in mind the cost of 2 aqua clears will run you 150-200 dollars. The good theing about AC is that they don't keep nickel and diming you
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Re: 120 filtration help

Post by sixpennyshooter »

get on amazon sunsun 404b canister filter i got mine for 75$ works well but i also run a fx5 and 405 i like to be over filtered
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