New tank need a little help

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New tank need a little help

Post by Jagermiester »

I have never used or had someone I know use a sump before. So, I
need a little help.

I got a good deal on a 90G tank with a sump and the holes in the
bottom of the tank already. I do not have the pump or hoses.

How do I know what pump I need?

What hoses do I need?

What do I need for the sump?

If I heat the sump should I still use 2 heaters?

Thanks for any help.
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Post by MatsP »

I can't answer all your questions, but here's the things I can think of:

1. The pump needs to handle the "lift" from the bottom of the sump to the top of the tank. How many liters/gallons per hour you want is pretty much depending on how much water movement you want in the tank. 2-5 times the tank volume is a good starting point, I would think (so ~ 200-500 gph).

2. You need suitable hose to go from the sump to the top of the tank, with either a 90-180 degree bend, and perhaps a nother 90 degree bend if you want a spray-bar.

I'm assuming the drilled tank is fitted with a suitable overflow drain, which should eliminate the need for any hoses for draining. If that's not the case, then I don't know what you need, because it will depend on the actual setup.

If you heat in the sump, you shouldn't need a second heater in the tank, the water will need a lot of (iow LONG) contact with cooler air to make it noticably cooler.

Obvious question: Doesn't the current owner have some idea of what is needed? If the current owner hasn't had the tank up and running, is there a manufacturer or previous owner to ask? If you can't trace the source of the tank, it MAY not be such a bargain, because you may end up with a lot of hard to solve problems. I'm speaking from experience here where I bought a "bargain" tank with a few bits missing, and ended up saving a whole 11p (that's about 20 US cent) after I managed to find a web-site that sold the parts I needed for 15-20% less than my LFS... Nice tank, but it would have been a lot less hassle to just buy the kit with everything in it... The glass in the tank isn't very expensive, all the other bits tend to be...

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Post by Jagermiester »

I am having a hard time getting a hold of the owner of the LFS that had
it, and the girls he has working there do not know anything. Still trying.

250 for a 90 is pretty good not to mention the stand, hood, and lights.

I just was not thinking when I picked it up to ask about the other stuff.
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Re: New tank need a little help

Post by 9winDuDown9 »

If your looking for parts go to you should find what your looking for their for parts you may need search the criteria you need... then you will have what your looking for. :o
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