Which One Much Better Between Canister Filters & Sumps !!!

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Which One Much Better Between Canister Filters & Sumps !!!

Post by Cichlidae »

Hello! Everyone :)

I am planning to buy an excellent filter for my Sandsifter & featherfin cichlids tank because I am using a power filter and sponge filter for my tank, and I think that it is not enough for my cichlids. I really want them to be very happy and very healthy, so they can live longer and longer. :(

Which one it is much better between canister filters and sumps. Which company? Why? And, how can I set it up? My tank is over than 150 gallons. Thank you very much it will be greatly appreciated. :(

Bunthid or Max :)
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Re: Which One Much Better Between Canister Filters & Sumps !

Post by cichlid-fish »

I use a Fluval fx5 on my 110 gallons which is more than enough filtration. It keeps my tank spotless and requires minimum maintenance. The fluval fx5 is rated up to 400 gallons and moved 900 GPH.

You really can't go wrong with this filter. I have been running fluvals for years and never had any problems. I wouldn't chose any other brand.

Hope I could help.
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Re: Which One Much Better Between Canister Filters & Sumps !

Post by texchappy »

I have zero experience with sumps but I've always been very happy with my Eheim classic canisters. That said, don't underestimate the amount of filtration a sponge filter can be, especially the large sizes made for tanks of your size. I'd keep it whichever route you want to go. A battery powered air pump and a mature sponge filter will get you through power failures quite well.
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Re: Which One Much Better Between Canister Filters & Sumps !

Post by Dan Woodland »

Sumps or Wet/Dry filters are gravity fed, require the tank to have a specific water level and CAN overflow if not set up correctly. They also require a bit of space for the "box". A heater can be placed in the "sump" to protect it from the fish in your tank (especially if they are larger). They can be maintained easily by washing the filter pads/material.

Canister filters are "self contained", won't overflow and take much less space. These require the filter to be drained and dismantled for maintenance.

Cost wise you can spend about the same on both. Both filters can be "sized" for the tank you are working with and both do a very good job of filtering IF maintained correctly.

I've had both, technically I'm a canister filter guy for connivence and "cleanliness." I have been a Mareinland brand user for most of my life.

All that being said, I prefer to use Hang On The Back Filters over both Wet/Dry and Canisters.

It boils down to personal preference.
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Re: Which One Much Better Between Canister Filters & Sumps !

Post by dogofwar »

Since most of my big tanks aren't drilled with overflows, I use "dump" filters on most of them: basically a sump on top of the tank, fed by a pump in the tank, with holes in the bottom to allow water to flow back to the tank via gravity. Extremely effective, extremely inexpensive, extremely easy to clean.

I quit using canisters when I realized how much I dreaded cleaning them...and as a result how infrequently I was cleaning them.

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