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Does anyone use an algae product they are completely satisfied with? I have used Algaefix but I am concerned with the spasmodic reaction of my fish. I have shellies in a 20 long. Please help. :?: :D
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Re: Algaefix

Post by Dan Woodland »

Have you looked at the cause of the algae instead of a chemical solution? Too much/direct light/sunlight or algae based foods? Is algae a bad thing?
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Re: Algaefix

Post by PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn »

as Dan says, treat the cause, not the symptoms.

algae needs 2 things, nutrients and light.

the nutrients are from several sources, first off, you tap water, testing for nitrate and phosphate will give you a good indicator, if these are high then its worth using a nitrate and phosphate resins to remove them from the water, the other main source for nutrients os overfeeding. check the food amounts, and see if you can reduce them

the other requirement is light, does the tank receive direct sunlight, if it does this is one of the most likely causes (though I have several tanks which get sunlight and their fine) otherwise look at the tank lighting, do you need as much (for example switch off a tube or replace with LEDs) or consider restricting the photoperiod, a cheap plug in timer is all you need, split the lighted up time into 2 periods of say 4 hours, and have those periods when you are going to be around to see them

as a more natural method for algae removal, what about daphina, will be snack food and might make a dent in the algae (I'm assuming green water rather than algae on surfaces, otherwise swap for a BN plec or 2)
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