Finally got some "Hydro Sponge" filters...

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Finally got some "Hydro Sponge" filters...

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Well I finally found some complete unused "Hydro Sponge" filters today... I've seen the sponge replacements at Petland but no complete setups... I saw them at a Winnipeg shop today... I got four of the Hydro Sponge III (#3) for $17.99 each. I wasn't sure if that price was worth it but I checked MOPS web site today and I saw they sell them for $13.99, so I guess it would be the sme as having bought four from that online site, and paying $16 shipping. The above prices do NOT include taxes. All dollar amounts are Canadian --- Multiply by 0.85 to get amount in US dollars.

I hooked one up tonight in my 55-gallon as a supplementary filtration method to the Rena Filstar XP3. Has anyone else noticed sponge filters don't seem to be available in their home areas as theyy once were? Mind you, every tank in the shop where I bought these had one (or more) sponge filters. :) No one wants to sell 'em it seems. Anyway, I bought all four #3 the store had, so they were happy I think. :)
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