Overhead filter setup?? How??

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Overhead filter setup?? How??

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I have some curved glass tanks with overhead filters/lighting. In the 27 gallon tanks, there is a media tray about 12" long with a spraybar, and then a second chamber of about 4" with no spraybar before exiting back into the tank. What media should be used and how?

I have a curved glass 66 gallon tank with two media trays, each is 14"L x 6"W x 4"D, and each is covered by the spraybar. What media, where and how should I use?

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I had a wet dry filter with a spray bar once. I used bio balls in it but I would think the new ceramic rings from Hagen would be good too.

There was another product that didn't take off too well because of financial problems with the company that invented it. The product was a glass foam that could be shaped and had an incredible amount of surface area. Kent bought the company, but I think they no longer produce it.
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