Looking for ACA 2017 Sponsors

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Looking for ACA 2017 Sponsors

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We still have some classes available. Interested in sponsoring a class for the 2017 American Cichlid Association, hosted by the Michigan Cichlid Association? Please email josh@cunninghamcichlids.com.

Reserve Best of Show - $200

Ornamental Cichlids Best of Show -$200

Ornamental Cichlids Reserve Best of Show-$150

Natural and Ornamental Cichlid People’s Choice - $150

Best of Division A – North/Central America - $150

Best of Division D – Africa Non-rift Lake, Madagascar and Asia _ $150

Class 1B – Discus (genus Symphysodon) - $30

Class 4B – Old World Cichlids - $30

Best of Art and Photography - $150

Class 1A – Photography - $30
Digital, slide and film photography that has not been manipulated in any way other that what can be accomplished in a dark room on photographic paper.

Class 2A – Altered photography - $30
Photographs that have been changed into works of art through digital manipulation or physical application of color or other media.

Class 3A – Frameable art and t-shirt designs - $30
Paintings, drawings, silk screens, etchings, prints and similar.

Class 4A – 3-Dimensional art, Sculptures, models and similar - $30

Thanks to Python, Babes In The Cichlid Hobby, Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society, New England Cichlid Association, Pam Chin, Cunningham Cichlids, Dudes in Cichlid Keeping, Mike Helford, Mike Liu, NorthfinUSA, Motor City Aquarium Society, Pet Suppliers, Peter George, Something Fishy Inc., The Flood Zone, Tom Koba, and Zenin Skomorowski for their current sponsorship.
Cunningham Cichlids, LLC.
Over 4,900 gallons of quality African Cichlids

Cunningham Cichlids
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