30g Wild caught native tank.

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30g Wild caught native tank.

Post by jax »

Anyone have any experience with locally caught fish? I'm thinking about turning one of my 29g into a native tank. At that size I'm obvious not going to have standard sport fish, but I figure I could get away with a Orangespotted Sunfish, which only get 3-4 in long and some minnows. Could they cohabitate with darters if I had current ? Also, all my tanks run on sponge filters- would I need something more powerful?

Any advice is welcome, even if it's just telling me I'm crazy and it'll never work.
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Re: 30g Wild caught native tank.

Post by Stevejulio »

Good question. Sorry I can not help with them. A second low powered maxi jet pump on a sponge filter could give you some flow and filtration. When you use a power filter on a sponge, you'll want as slow flow as possible bc you need as much contact time with bacteria so they can do their job.
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Re: 30g Wild caught native tank.

Post by Klaus »

You could make an aquarium work with orange-spotted sunfish and some darters. If the orange spotted sunfish is large and the darter is small the Orangespotted sunfish will eat the darter. Some populations of orange-spotted sunfish or OS get up to six inches. They are a cuckoo spawner and often lay eggs in Bluegill nests. The OS hatch earlier and eat the BG eggs, and the bluegills wind up raising the OS fry.

Not all darters need current, but all do need clean water. Food source can also be an issue as not all darters eat flake or even frozen food. Only a few need lifefood as a food source. I recommend rainbow darters, as they are easy to wean over to dry food.

I have kept rainbow darters with Fundulus notatus and Fundulus olivaceous using only a sponge filter. To spawn rainbow darters you will need flowing water though or the eggs will die, especially if they get covered with mulm. Dr Goldstein described a setup where the overflow from a power filter dropped onto a bowl filled with gravel. The darters would bury the eggs in the gravel, and the overflow would carry oxygen laden water to the eggs.

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Re: 30g Wild caught native tank.

Post by ACIDRAIN »

As for setup, you can ditch the heater. Natives don't need it.
There is always a bigger fish. . . . .
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