Recommendations for the Cichlid Room Companion home page or error reporting
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Joseph Sprinkle
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Once you get on the forum there is not any way I have found to get back to the home page, cichlid catalog, ask Pam or any of the other features.
This means I have to go to bookmarks relog in which it does not recognize my log in name or pass word which has been activated by E-mail.
This is a great resource but has become a nightmare to get around.
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Re: navagation

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Everytime Juan upgrades the software, it changes the CRC link up top to the forum and he has to manually change the code to force it to CRC. He has not had time to do that after the last update.

As to the forum not remembering you, are your cookies on? Have you cleared your cache lately?
Lastly, the Ask Pam is a totally different section and I believe that each has their own login account.
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