Bad posts or members who post bad sites

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Bad posts or members who post bad sites

Post by Lisachromis »

If anyone comes across any posts with advertising (porn or otherwise) or even any members who show a selling site in their profiles can private message either me, or a moderator. These posts/members will be dealt with. I've been getting a fair few 'bad' members lately. This site is not here to push porn or drugs and this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.
Bas Pels
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Post by Bas Pels »

I fully agree, but just one question -

I would assume it's still acceptable to refer to a cichlid site - such as a fishstore where a certain fish came from?

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Ken Boorman
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Post by Ken Boorman »

That's fine Bas. Lisa was just referring to sites that sell/push drugs or porn, or other distasteful things.

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Dan Woodland
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Post by Dan Woodland »

I'd like to thank the moderators for keeping up on this garbage. It's a much more enjoyable experience not having to sift through all that junk!

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Re: Bad posts or members who post bad sites

Post by Uncle.Ned »

think you have a bad guy posting here:
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