Recommendations for the Cichlid Room Companion home page or error reporting
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Post by sidguppy »

looks like there's been a lot of spambots here lately

maybe one of those pics with letters in them at the end of the registration field or a manual account confirm by the devs is needed to stop them?

there are several ways to stop a bot from getting an account.
for example, currently the Madagascar section is rife with them

looks like they originate from China; I can recognize typical symptoms that I've seen all over the online gaming community too when the so called "chinese farmers" overrun the place.
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Re: bots?

Post by Lisachromis »

There is an update to the forum that will be implemented as soon as possible. Hopefully this will help deal with the bots. We're trying to keep up the old-fashioned way for now.
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Re: bots?

Post by Alex Calder »

recaptcha helps some but many of the current crop of spam accounts are started by humans. After th accounts are registered the bots take over.
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