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Cichlid Room Companion trade system

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We have developed a new system for the Cichlid Room Companion. It has now gone through a pre-operational testing phase with very good results and I have just released it to the public. It is a trade system, developed as a new utility for subscribers and sponsors (but fellows and curators may use it too). You can now advertise your cichlids for sale or those you want to find by register them in the Cichlid Room Companion trade system, which is attached to the catalog. Up to five simultaneous ads with a life of ten days can be kept active at any time. Listings can be consulted via a master list Master List) or in each of the cichlid species profiles, where they will show as a tab when trade offers are available for them. By subscribing to a species profile (clicking on the subscribe link in their catalog profile) you not only will get the news about the species but also optionally will get the new offers made available (this last will be operational in a few days). There is also a RSS feed to the master list. Traders establish where they live and where they ship to. Contact with the buyer/seller is safe as the e-mail addresses are not disclosed, but just a form (active after an agreement is signed) has to be filled up.

You can now sign up the system (even if you are not offering anything) from the Master List. I hope this new utility can be of use to interested people.
Juan Miguel Artigas

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