Ten thousand cichlid pictures

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Ten thousand cichlid pictures

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I want to share with you the fact that in the past few days the active cichlid pictures (besides those of habitats, articles, forum, etc) in the Cichlid Room Companion cichlid catalog has reached the staggering number of 10,000!. This we feel is quite an achievement and wanted to celebrate with you. We are very happy that we can provide you, our supporter, with this never-before-available service! The pictures in the CRC catalogue, as you know, are not just any odd snapshots; most of them were taken in the natural habitat and all of them are of the best quality available for any given fish, and most were taken by the best cichlid photographers in the world. In some cases we have pictures of species not illustrated anywhere else and in many more we were the first to illustrate obscure species. Besides all this, our catalog is the most trusted cichlid identification resource available in the world, as so far 90% of our pictures have been certified to illustrate the correct species by some of the world’s top authorities in cichlids.

Of course reaching this goal is by no means an indication that we can now relax; on the contrary, it gives us renewed energy to continue tirelessly in this undertaking, i.e. publishing new photos and information on cichlids every single day.

Thanks so much for being part of this endeavor that is the Cichlid Room Companion!
Juan Miguel Artigas

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