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The Malawi Checklists

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There is a new section available in the Cichlid Room Companion: The Malawi Checklists. Basically, Cichlid Press has entrusted the Cichlid Room Companion with the distribution of its latest product, a set of charts showing information, a complete list of species and illustration of each endemic cichlid species and geographical variant (many times male and female) found at particular popular diving places in lake Malawi. The checklists are prepared in high quality PDF files so they can be printed out and produce great output.

The Cichlid Room Companion waives its sell share to individual (not commercial or club) site sponsors, so they can get them at a reduced price.

The checklists can be found in:

I hope this product is to the liking of Malawi cichlids enthusiasts.

Juan Miguel Artigas

The Cichlid Room Companion
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