German Blue Rams troubles

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German Blue Rams troubles

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I've probably bought 15+ rams over the past couple months. I've started out at straight tap water and had fish die.
Raised my temperature to 85 degrees. Fish still dying.
Added lots of plants and driftwood, started lowering PH. Fish still dying
Went to RODI water with added Equilibrium minerals. Fish still dying.
I have one young female from the original lot that has survived.
Cardinals in the tank doing ok.
Baby bristlenose in the tank doing ok.
Mystery Snails breeding, doing ok.
Completely out of ideas to tackle this fish.

Oh yeah UV Sterilizer also.
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Re: German Blue Rams troubles

Post by Mike Wise »

Sadly, this is not uncommon for domestic color strains of M. ramirezi. Too many commercial breeders over the years do not use any kind of quality control, which has led to weak strains. Often they are heavily dosed with antibiotics to keep them alive and even hormones. If you didn't, my best suggestion is to buy from a local hobbyist breeder and discuss with them the water conditions and feeding regimen that they use.
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