I need your help settingup a new tank

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I need your help settingup a new tank

Post by Omda1 »

Hello all,
I am not new to fishkeeping, but new to African cichlids.

I am setting up a new tank, in which I am hoping to keep Aulonocaras Peacocks. I did alot of reading about them, and so I know all about overstocking, their mild Aggression, the need to overfilter, ........etc.
HOWEVER, my space is limited so I am having a bespoke tank built to order, and so I have 2 options available to me (for 2 different locations)

Option 1 is a 3.9 feet tank: (3.9' x 17.7" D x 15.7" H) which is (110cm L x 45xm D x 40cm H)
Option 2 is 2.0 feet tank: (2.0' x 21" D x 17.7" H) which is (60cm L x 53cm D x 45cm H)

Now here is my main question: Which of these 2 sized tanks you think I can use to keep Aulonocaras

Another question is: As you can see my depth on both tanks is on the lowish side 15.7" for the 3.9 foot tank and 17.7" on the 2 foot tank, is this an issue with Aulonocaras?

Thank you very much for any advise you can give.
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Re: I need your help settingup a new tank

Post by Snailos »

Good Morning

As most scientist will say "it is not the size of the enclosure but the quality of the water" .

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Re: I need your help settingup a new tank

Post by fridmandima77@gmail.com »

Wow, thats deep (the reply, not the enclosure) :D
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