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Posting photos on the forum

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Just an update for everyone. Since many people remove their photos from hosting sites when they run out of room for new photos, we have decided to make it so the only way to add photos is to upload them here. This way threads will still be relevant later. In no way does this mean you lose any rights to your photos. (The ACA photo contest has it's own rules!). If you want a photo in your post, please do not forget that you must do it as an attachment. Linking sites will not work.

As a reminder, to upload a photo:

In the box under your post, you will see where you can add attachments. Click the tab. Then click "add files". You will then search and add your photo. You then have the option to make them visible in the post by clicking "place inline"
Once this is done, click submit in your post and you are done.
L caeruleus holding Jan 27 2006.jpg
FYI - You can upload photos up 512kb with no wider than 1200 pixels.
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