James K. Langhammer, Fellow of ACA and ALA

To honour those people who have been highly respected and known in ichthyological and hobbyist circles.
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Darrell Ullisch
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James K. Langhammer, Fellow of ACA and ALA

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I received word this morning of the passing of James K. Langhammer, one of the greats of this hobby. Jim was one of the early chairmen of the ACA and was named a Fellow in 1977. He later spent much of his time working with livebearers, and was named a Fellow of the American Livebearer Association in 1988.

When I first met him, he was curator at the Reptile House of the Detroit Zoo. While there, he added a number of larger Cichlids to the tank for young crocodilians. One notable fish was a trimaculatum who was known to steal mice from the very jaws of those animals! He later moved to the Belle Isle Aquarium, and as curator there was involved in the first breeding of freshwater stingrays in a public aquarium, for which they won an award from the national association of zoos.

Jim was always willing to talk to people from the greenest novice to those with greater aspirations who needed help along the way. He was good friend, and will be missed greatly.
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Re: James K. Langhammer, Fellow of ACA and ALA

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He was a very nice man. I actually met him at a bird club event many years ago. He invited us to his house to get fish. I wish I could have done that!
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