7th Phase of Cichlid Press and CRC Breeding Tank Contest

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7th Phase of Cichlid Press and CRC Breeding Tank Contest

Post by Lisachromis »

Just a reminder for those who do not know about this contest.

I believe there is only 3 spots left for this phase of the contest!


Description : An open internet contest of Cichlid Breeding Tanks descriptions.

Objective : To obtain as many aquarists descriptions of "real" tank situations where certain cichlid species have been bred. Those submissions accepted will be published in the Cichlid Room Companion Home Page "Breeding Tanks section", for public to take advice on how to breed certain species, with the added possibility to contact the breeder through e-mail (optional).

Submissions : Any account of breeding any cichlid species should at least include:

Breeders source
Tank decor
Water chemistry
Tank maintenance
Tank illumination
Temperature(s) used
Breeders conditioning
Special trigger tricks
Pair courting behavior
Fry care and comments
At least two photographs must be included to illustrate the tank and species and to demonstrate the species were actually bred.

The submissions accepted should be guaranteed by the author copyright for exclusive Internet publication on the "Cichlid Room Companion Home Page", both pictures and text.

For examples of breeding accounts look into the breeding tanks section of the Cichlid Room Companion Home Page.

Submissions should be sent electronically or snail mailed to editor, please contact us for more information.

Judging criteria : Judged by Ad Konings, winner entries will be selected considering the submissions clarity, the observed behaviors, photographs and overall attractiveness of the article.

Prizes : Cichlid Press has donated for the two better rated submissions of every phase the following fine prizes:

First place : A copy of any Cichlid Press book.

Second place : A copy of any Cichlid Press book under $50.00 dollars.
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